Everything you need to know! View the Daytime and After Dark schedule below.

Asset 4@4x.png

9:00 AM

Box Office Opens

9:00 AM

ZIP Fast Freeze Entrance Opens

10:00 AM

General Admission Entrance Opens

10:00 AM

"Best of ATX Frozen Treats" Fan Favorite Voting Begins

11:10 AM

Hands-Free Ice Cream Sandwich Eating

11:30 AM

Hands-Free Popsicle Eating

11:30 PM

"Best of ATX Frozen Treats" Celebrity Judge Contest Winners Announced

12:00 PM

Live Entertainment - Mélat

12:55 PM

Little Pint Eating Contest

1:15 PM

Pint Ice Cream Eating Contest

1:35 PM

Half Gallon Ice Cream Eating

1:45 PM

Live Entertainment - The Wild Now

2:30 PM

Daytime Box Office Closes

3:00 PM

Park Shuts Down

3:30 PM

All Gates Closed

Asset 5@4x.png

5:30 PM

After Hours Box Office Reopens

5:30 PM

ZIP Fast Freeze Gates Reopen for After Hours

6:00 PM

General Admission Entrances Reopen for After Hours

6:15 PM

Live Entertainment - DJ Mel

6:30 PM

Milkshake Throwdown

7:30 PM

Opener - Tameca Jones

8:30 PM

After Dark Ice Cream Eating Contest

8:45 PM

Milkshake Throwdown Contest Winner Announced - via social media

8:45 PM

Headliner - Lee Fields & The Expressions

9:30 PM

After Hours Box Office Closes

9:45 PM

"Best of ATX Frozen Treats" Fan Favorite Voting Ends & Winner Announced

10:00 PM

Park Closes