The Austin Ice Cream Festival – Now with Booze?

June 6, 2018

By Wayne Alan Brenner,

The 12th annual celebration goes all adult-oriented After Dark


Nothing better for the weekend on which the annual hellscape of summer officially begins – we're talking about Saturday, June 23rd – than to spend a little quality time at the Austin Ice Cream Festival at Fiesta Gardens.

It’s the 12th year for this celebration of frozen dairy treats, this sweet-and-creamy, sample-happy, live-music-infused diversion from the doldrums of summertime boredom.

You can guess that, since this festival’s been happening successfully for a dozen years, then they’ve figured out just how to make it enjoyable. And they have, with more than 20 local and national vendors offering free delectable bites(and selling larger portions, yes), and all manner of contests and other fun activities, and live bands, and –

Hold on, you know what’s really cool?

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