Snapshot: Austin Ice Cream Festival

June 29, 2018

by David Bendan Hall, The Austin Chronicle

Where nostalgia for childhood runs as high as the temperature.


For almost any Texan, ice cream and frozen treats are a near-necessary method of beating the heat, and in most cases that begins during childhood. Sundaes by the pool or lake? Yep. Otter Pops or frozen juice boxes at summer camp? You know it. Everyone has a different, distinct memory. So when thousands descended on Fiesta Gardens on Saturday, June 23, for the annual Austin Ice Cream Festival, which featured 18 vendors offering myriad frozen morsels, nostalgia was running as high as temperatures.

Between making photos and battling bouts of brain freeze, "Snapshot" dug deeper into it by asking people: What ice cream-related memories come to mind when you're eating it?

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