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Need a reset on your weekly eating? After a long weekend of eating ice cream, you'll want to get back on track with @hellofresh! HelloFresh takes the hassle out of planning a home-cooked meal. Visit them at the fest and learn more!

T-minus 4 days to get the Throne of Spoons back to the festival! The most epic photo-op is still MIA!! Will we find it?? Come and see! Get your tickets w/ the link in our bio! #findthethroneofspoons #scoopsforall

@caseyssnowballs has been serving up New Orleans style #snowballs for 23 years in #Austin. With over 70 homemade flavors, you can't go wrong. Buy tickets today and sample Casey's at the festival this year!! #CupfulOfHappiness #scoopsforall #austinicecreamfestival #snowcone

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